Face to Face with Inequality

Paying for Educational Value


Oregon is considering the pros and cons of an Australian model of paying for college education after the fact. In this model, students pay no tuition. Instead they pay a small percentage of their income post-college, regardless of how much they make. In essence, how much they pay is directly related to how much college was worth to them, which makes a lot of sense on the face of it. I wonder how it changes the students’ experience of their education and the educational institution’s conception of what and how to teach students. I was able to find a study of “participation rates,” which doesn’t answer my questions, but it does show an overall increase in men and especially women getting a college education, but no increase for students from low-income backgrounds. Perhaps that has something to do with financing living expenses.


2 thoughts on “Paying for Educational Value

  1. A similar proposal for the UC system http://www.fixuc.org


  2. This is an Australian practice? Do you have more on this or a link? Makes sense!!


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