Face to Face with Inequality

Our Team

The collective consists of the following researchers:

Marijke Rijsberman, founder. By day, Marijke is a design ethnographer with the edtech company Coursera. She has a long-standing interest in social justice.

Yookyung Bang has an MBA in Design Strategy from the California College of the Arts and an MA in Anthropology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Sandra Florstedt is a semi-retired organization development specialist.

Jeffrey Greger is a graduate student in Applied Anthropology at San Jose State University. He is currently researching the growing role designers are taking in bringing financial services to the poor in the US and abroad. Jeff is also an UX and industrial designer at Elemental8, a small Silicon Valley design firm.

Hannah Hart has an MA in anthropology at San Jose State University and is now a first-grade teacher.

Raymond June is currently a Design Researcher at Microsoft (Skype Division) with a background in anthropology.

Michael Scroggins is a PhD candidate in Anthropology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Currently, Michael is conducting research in and around Silicon Valley on DIYBio and Citizen Science in hackerspaces and other informal institutions (this means garages and kitchens for the most part).


2 thoughts on “Our Team

  1. Hi, guys! I would like to attend your next meeting to figure out wether I would/could participate in your project. I saw you in meetup.com, but I can find no more about your meetings there anymore.


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