Face to Face with Inequality


FAIR Money is a research collective dedicated to a deep understanding of household financial management under conditions of extreme inequality. The collective is interested in people’s behaviors, decisions, and ideals, in the tools and services available to them, and in the overarching conceptual frameworks that give them meaning.

FAIR Money consists of anthropologists and design researchers based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The collective arose out of a sense of personal outrage over the exploitative practices of payday lenders. In the course of conducting its first research study, the group broadened its mission to encompass household finance in general.

FAIR Money dedicates itself to citizen anthropology. We are committed to observing and elucidating the process by which decades of organized redistribution of wealth pushes the majority of Americans into ever more precarious financial situations.

Current Projects:

Are you interested in the work we do? Want to be a part of it? Please drop us a note at fairnetwork at gmail.com.

If you would like to make a contribution, you can send your donation via PayPal or Square Cash to fairnetwork at gmail.com.