Face to Face with Inequality

The Moral Hazards of Too Much Money

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If you think the pursuit of happiness is essentially a private affair, then recent research findings regarding the impact of inequality will make a hash of your most cherished beliefs. A Greater Good article summarizing the research on inequality points out that people are happiest and most compassionate in countries with the least inequality. And it’s not the poor who are short on compassion, but the wealthy. People who are significantly wealthier than others, it turns out, are not only less generous but also more apt to drive over hapless pedestrians who find themselves in a crosswalk when the wealthy come barreling down the street. People who are given an obvious advantage in games of monopoly still think they are brilliant and deserving when they win. Food for thought. 


One thought on “The Moral Hazards of Too Much Money

  1. Money does not create happiness. What a horrible feeling for someone to work and save their whole life, and in the end, look back and see they are still unhappy.. and that’s if they look back. Thank-you for this post.
    Tara 🙂


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