Face to Face with Inequality

If it isn’t fun, it probably won’t get done

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Except perhaps by the most disciplined among us, and I have to admit that I am not one of them. The items that end up getting crossed off my depressingly long to-do list typically fall into one of two categories:
1. Urgency (defined by the potential for serious adverse consequences if left undone).
2. General appeal (defined by how much I feel like doing it).

Clearly, it’s far preferable to get stuff done under the second category than having to wait for it to escalate to the first. In keeping with that simple idea, I’ve adopted fun as my motto for the work I do for FAIR Money. And I’m proposing that it could be a good design principle for whatever product and/or service the FAIR Money collective decides to work on.

That doesn’t necessarily mean “gamification,” because we can think about fun in much broader terms than gaming–broader, deeper, more serious, and less ephemeral. But devising short-term rewards for the pursuit of long-term goals could be a very worthwhile endeavor.



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